HDPE/PPR Pipe Extrusion Line


Reliable and extremely versatile Rajoo Bausano single-screw extruders from E-GO series are designed for transformation of thermoplastic polymers such as polyolefins (HDPE, PP).

Output range :- 150 to 2000 kg/hr
Pipe dia :- 20 to 800 mm
L/D ratio :- 40:1


Single Screw Extruder

High output 40 L/D extruder series designed for the manufacturing of Polyolefin and other pipes
The product range comprises extruders with screw diameters from 30 to 120 mm
E-GO series extruders with a barrier screw and spiral grooved feed section enables melt homogenization at much higher output levels at lower energy consumption
Possibility to add additional layers
The hemispherical cavities of the screw mixer force the raw material travelling along the barrel continuously changing direction, causing shearing and cutting action to the melt
Direct coupled gearbox design ensures minimum transmission loss
Melt temperature and pressure sensor for ease of processing
Versatile extruder designed for HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PMMA, PC

Cylindrical spiral die head (CSD)

CSD die with cylindrical spiral mandrel is state-of-the-art and provides:
Optimized layout for rheological and thermodynamic criteria
Number of overlaps almost unlimited, thus excellent thickness distribution and broad range of operating parameters
Merging of melt streams according to specific flow behaviour of polymers
Compact design and low axial forces
Ease of handling

Bottom fed cylindrical spiral die for horizontal extrusion. Vertical spiral mandrel distribution for production of HDPE pipe. The die head allows die lips gap to be sized to provide the optimum velocity and pressure balance characteristics necessary for uniform thickness of pipe.

Efficient self-cleaning is attained through optimum design of the flow channels. The entire flow path is highly streamlined and highly polished to eliminate all dead spots. The surfaces which are in contact with melt are especially hard chrome plated and polished. This ensures rapid flushing and thereby shorter non-productive times during colour change.

The die head is mounted on sturdy support and incorporates adjustable screw and locking device.

Advanced calibration sleeves enable faster cooling to achieve higher line speed with excellent pipes surface.
Tanks are made of stanless steel for high corrosion resistance and longer useful life. Unique design for superior cooling efficiency. Multi axis adjustment system allows quick and precise positioning.
Servo controlled direct drive haul-off unit Multi track haul-off, Independent AC Servo motor and drive for optimum pulling force and to prevent ovality even for large diameter and thin wall pipes
Planetary Cutter ensure smooth cut and dust free production
Gravimetric system to control weight/meter
Co-extrusion for multilayer pipes
Jockey extruders for colour stripe
Hopper loaders and dryers
Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement system


HDPE / PP Irrigation pipe
Column pipes
Sewage pipes
Industrial pipe (Telecom, Chemical etc)
Gas distribution pipe
And many more