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It is the grey matter who has engineered countless creations, discoveries and innovations all around us. It has the grounds and capability to go into the minute most details and depths of all that is "unearth". This inventiveness of humans has taken them to the entire new world with unattainable heights. Likewise, a company or more suitably an organization grows with the intensive and collective efforts of the "Grey Matter" it acquires that develop the organization and writes its success.

We take our employees as our most valued assets and hence, we take ample care at the time of recruiting them. We have predefined roles & responsibilities of all profiles we are recruiting talent for to facilitate error free recruitment & selection of employees. At the time of joining we have comprehensive orientation program that helps the new team member to well understand each functional area and department levels. We also offer extensive work training before the employee start working in live environment.

Our Human Resource Practice operates at a level that is at par of all community effects like glass ceiling effect, community race, social class etc. We provide challenging opportunities to our employees in their area of expertise and respect their participations for those opportunities.

To define RBEPL work culture in a single line, it is transparent, motivational and employee oriented.