Rajoo Bausano offers special lines to process exceptionally wide profiles. The continuous technological development enables RBE to offer a complete line including extruder and the range of accessories for the calibration, cooling and cutting of the profiles. Perfect synchronization of all components in profile extrusion is the essential for outstanding product quality.

RBE's extruder consists of patented MULTIDRIVE system which ensures longer life of the gearbox and lower power consumption, Output ranges from 200 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr and width from 10mm to 1200mm.

RBE offers wide range of extrusion lines customized on the basis of product and output. The extruder and drawing units are synchronized and the emerging profile can be inspected by a specially designed webcam.

Built on the modular principle "MONOBEAM", the calibration bench is designed for extruding wide range of profiles in an easy and economical way. It ensures precise calibration and fast cooling of the profiles.

RBE's profile take-off unit is driven by dual independent epicyclical gear reducer with variable frequency inverters for smooth and continuous speed adjustment over a wide range.

The upper tilting track is pneumatically actuated with micrometer adjustment and the lower track is equipped with a mechanical vertical adjustment. The traction pads are easy to adopt specific profile requirement.

RBE has carefully engineered the vertical profile cutter to satisfy the most stringent safety requirements without losing operational functionality and special horizontal cutter for exceptionally wide profiles.


  • Window profile
  • Door profile
  • Door panel
  • Wall panelings
  • False ceiling
  • Kitchen cabinets