Twin screw uPVC & cPVC pipe plants


Rajoo Bausano produces a wide range of pipe plants and accessories for flexible and rigid pipes. Rajoo Bausano offers TWIN-SCREW EXTRUDERS WITH BAUSANO'S MULTIDRIVE SYSTEM in various sizes like RBMD-30, RBMD-52, RBMD-66, RBMD-75, RBMD-90, RBMD-115, RBMD-125, RBMD-130, RBMD-158, RBMD-170 with output ranging from 250 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr and OD ranges from 20mm to 1000mm

Bausano's unique patented MULTIDRIVE power transmission system with invertor has following distinct advantages:

  • Elimination of torsional stress on the driving shaft
  • Torque subdivision
  • Reinforcement of thrust bearing system

RBE extruders are equipped with special coated screw for longer life and PLC system for easy operations, display of melt pressure and online measurement of power consumption.

Thermo control unit maintains screw temperature to cater to wide range of applications and better processability. RBE screws come with longer L/D ratio upto 36 to enhance melt homogenization at higher output levels using similar size extruder and motor ratings resulting in lower energy consumption.

Rajoo Bausano's calibrator and cooling tanks are made of stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and long life. Design is unique for superior cooling efficiency. Three axis adjustment system with motorized lateral position allows quick and precise positioning.

RBE offers a wide range of die heads to produce pipe dia of 20mm to 1000mm to ensure excellent pipe quality.

Multi track haul-off, independent AC servo motor and drive for optimum pulling force prevents ovality even in large diameter and thin wall pipes.


  • Conduit / ducting
  • Casing pipe
  • Construction pipe
  • Column pipes
  • Drain / waste / vent (DWV)
  • Hot & cold water delivery pipe
  • Irrigation pipe
  • Industrial pipe
  • Plumbing pipe
  • Soil, waste & rain water drainage pipe (SWR)